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About the Indiana Council for Economic Education

The Indiana Council for Economic Education (ICEE) is an academic outreach center within the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. The ICEE was established in 1954 and has a national reputation for excellence and leadership in economic education. The ICEE is the lead unit in an eleven-institution network of university centers for economic education. Both the ICEE and the university centers are affiliated with the national Council for Economic Education.

What: We prepare students to become active citizens and productive members of our economy by providing them with the ability to make sound economic decisions.

Why: Students will be required throughout their lives to make economics decisions important for their own well-being, and to understand and make decisions about public policy issues. A thorough understanding of economics will contribute not only to their personal success, but also to the successes of the businesses, institutions, and governments in which they participate.

How: ICEE is part of a state and national network of university centers for economic education. We help K-12 teachers and youth educators teach economics and personal finance by providing engaging workshops and resource materials aligned to academic standards. A focus on educators leverages economics and financial education because a trained and enthused teacher has a positive impact on new groups of students year after year, throughout his or her career.

Contact the national CEE office for more information.

Click HERE to listen to ICEE Executive Director, Jeff Sanson, explain “Why We Should Teach Our Kids Economics” in this Purdue Agricultural Economics Podcast.


A State Network of University Centers for Economic Education

Teacher Professional Development

ICEE provides effective, rigorous, and engaging professional development for K-12 teachers and youth educators via a statewide network of university centers for economic education. Programs take place throughout the year and include multiple day summer workshops and in-service programs. They cover a broad range of economic content topics and teaching strategies.

Student Programs

ICEE provides education programs to enrich the economic education experience of students. Recent programs include:

Curriculum Materials

ICEE assists with comprehensive, K-12 curriculum planning. We produce and distribute quality instructional materials. These resources enable teachers to implement economic instruction with greater confidence. Visit kidseconposters.comCouncil for Economic EducationEconEdLink to learn more.

Research Based

ICEE supports research to measure the impact of our economic education programs on student attitudes about and achievement in economics.

Research studies in economics as well as similar studies from other subjects consistently find that statistically significant increases in student learning are associated with a higher level of teacher training and qualifications. Training teachers to use particular curriculum materials has also shown to be highly successful for thier students’ success.

Recognize Achievement

Celebrate exemplary classroom practices and outstanding support of economic education by school administrators and community members. Visit ICEE’s Annual Awards page for more information.