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Classroom Business Enterprise

Economics and Entrepreneurship Opportunity for K-8 Teachers and Students!

Economics and Entrepreneurship: Operating a Classroom Business in the Elementary and Middle School

This newly revised curriculum will tell you how to organize and run a simple real-money classroom business. The curriculum also introduces you to the economic and business concepts you can teach students along the way. The curriculum comes with three tests, an attitude survey to give students, and a Literature Connection, which describes children's literature books to use to reinforce economic concepts. If you're at all interested in helping your students understand the world of economics and business, this curriculum is for you. Available from Council for Economic Education (, but may be offered free to Indiana teachers in Indiana Council and Center workshops.

The following tests are available for use with the Economics and Entrepreneurship curriculum. They are the same except the first set is keyed to specific Indiana Economics Standards / Indicators:


For More Information contact Jeff Sanson at or 765-494-0188.

Classroom Business Enterprise Showcase