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Indiana Economics Challenge

Presented in partnership with:

The Indiana Council for Economic Education (College of Agriculture, Purdue University)
Indiana University South Bend

A program of The Council for Economic Education

Date: April 14, 2020
Location: ONLINE
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2020 Winners


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    What Is the Indiana Economics Challenge?

    The Indiana Economics Challenge is an opportunity for teams of 4 high school students to demonstrate their knowledge on a broad array of economics topics in an atmosphere where economics knowledge is tested and recognized and where competing is FUN! Any Indiana high school student enrolled in a public, private or home-based school during the 2019-20 academic year is eligible to compete. Students may also compete as part of an organization, club or before/afterschool program. Teams compete in one of two divisions - David Ricardo or Adam Smith. Teams travel to one of two Indiana sites for the face-to-face state competition, where they'll vie for a spot in the National Semifinals!

    The Divisions

    The Adam Smith Division is open to any Indiana high school student. However, students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP Micro, AP Macro, or AP Micro and Macro), International Baccalaureate (pre-IB and IB), honors, two-semester, or any other advanced courses in economics (including courses taught by a secondary teacher where students earn college credit) must compete in this division. Students who have taken more than one semester of economics must compete in the Adam Smith Division. This is also the division for home schooled students and any team with a member who has competed in the Indiana Economics Challenge in a previous year.

    The David Ricardo Division is for students enrolled in a high school course NOT labeled as AP, IB, or honors. Students who have taken a one semester or less economics course may compete in this division. Students are tested in the same areas as the Adam Smith Division; however, the questions for the David Ricardo Division may have a greater emphasis on economic application and less emphasis on economic theory than the questions for the Adam Smith Division. 

    In both divisions, teams of four students are tested in areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics and current events.

    How are winners determined?

    The 2020 Indiana Economics Challenge state contest will still be held on April 14th ONLINE

    Register and create teams at the Econ Challenge Registration page

    Students will have up to 60 minutes to test online while teachers will proctor them (using Zoom or another web conference option). Any team unable to be proctored virtually would be still be able to take the test beginning the next day April 15-17, however, these teams would not be eligible to compete in the national Economics Challenge.

    In both divisions, teams of 4 students are tested.  Each team member completes the tests with the lowest score being dropped. 

    The winning team from the David Ricardo Division and the Adam Smith Division with the highest written test scores are crowned the state champions. 

    NATIONAL SEMI-FINALS: One team in the David Ricardo Division and one team in the Adam Smith Division will represent Indiana in the National Semifinals via online testing using the Online Assessment Center.  Teams will be able to take their semi-finals at any time on this day, but all memebers of the team must take them simultaneously on May 13, 2020. May 14 is a makeup date for teams that can’t compete on the 13th.

    NATIONAL FINALS: The top 8 divisional teams from the National Semifinals will compete in the National Economics Challenge ONLINE on May 17 - 18, 2020!

    2020 Economics Challenge Dates

    Indiana Competition:
    Date: April 14, 2020
    ONLINE State Competition
    Locations: ONLINE

    National Semifinals:
    Date: May 13, 2020 (makeup date May 14)
    Location: ONLINE

    National Finals:
    Date: May 17 through 18, 2020
    Location: ONLINE

    Registration Fees:

    Register beginning January 14 through April 13! NO registration fee this year!


“The econ challenge was a great experience. For me, this meant an opportunity to test my knowledge of economics. This was an experience that I believe I will never forget.” - Westville High School Student



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