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Economics Poster Contest

Each year, Indiana students in grades 1-12 are invited to submit an original drawing depicting an economic concept. The contest is held to stimulate interest in the fundamentals of our economic system and to encourage students to demonstrate their understanding of economics in a creative, interesting way.

Theme - "Economics in the Hoosier State!"
Understanding economics is helpful for making all sorts of decisions! Economics decisions affect the number and types of jobs available; provide goods and services that we want; and make Indiana a great place to live and work!

This year, in addition to highlighting the most artistic entries for each concept, we will recognize all entries that also illustrate the theme, "Economics in the Hoosier State," with a "Young Hoosier Economicst" certificate!

Rules for Entry

Printer version (pdf) and entry form
2018 Winners

Past Winners

Entries must strictly adhere to the following rules.

Entries not in total compliance may not be judged.

  • Open to Indiana students in grades 1-12.
  • All posters submitted must be original entries drawn horizontally
    on an 8 1/2" x 11" white sheet of paper.
  • Each teacher may submit up to eight (8) poster entries.
  • Teachers must submit one completed entry form per poster. Tape the entry from to the back of the poster.
  • The economic concept illustrated must be printed predominantly on the drawing, spelled correctly, and written in large lettering.
  • The entry must illustrate one of the economic concepts listed below.

    Capital Resources Consumers and Producers
    Economic Wants Entrepreneur
    Goods and Services Human Resources
    Interdependence Market
    Natural Resources Opportunity Cost
    Productive Resources Specialization
    Trade Productivity
  • Entries may not be folded.
  • Entries with misspelled words will be disqualified.
  • All entries become the property of ICEE and may be used for publicity purposes.
  • All entries must be postmarked or emailed by May 30, 2020!


All entries will be reviewed and judged by a committee based on accuracy of content and spelling, artistic excellence.

For More Information

Contact Jeff Sanson (765-494-8545)

Mail entries to:

Economics Poster Contest

Indiana Council for Economic Education
Krannert Building Room 607
403 West State Street

West Lafayette, IN 47907

OR Scan and Email Entries to:


Market Drawing

We are looking for Economics Poster Contest Sponsors. To support students and their artistic, economic posters, AND have your logo placed here, please contact ICEE today!