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Webinar: Finding Equilibrium: Supply Meets Demand

Date(s) - 01/19/2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Online - Register HERE!

In this webinar presented by Marginal Revolution University, teachers will learn how to make learning about supply, demand, and equilibrium fun— online or in-person—with this new curriculum unit featuring interactive games, videos, news articles, and software for drawing and shifting curves.  This hands-on, experiential webinar will provide a sampling of the curriculum unit’s bells and whistles, including demonstrating how to utilize videos as direct instruction resources and integrate current events to increase student engagement and comprehension.  Teachers will play MRU’s new interactive games to teach trends and shifts in supply and demand curves.

Each lesson is complete with a bell ringer, direct instruction, student activity sheets, practice problems, exit ticket, enrichment activities, current events, and assessment questions designed to increase student retention and transfer of knowledge.  All resources will be freely accessible to teachers in easy-to-use and classroom-ready Google docs (including answer keys) and other optional instructional technology (e.g., Nearpod) to save teachers prep time while enhancing student motivation.  This unit of 5 lessons covers law of demand, law of supply, demand curve shifts, supply curve shifts, and equilibrium price and quantity and maps to CEE’s and your states standards. (And we’ll throw in fun appropriately themed swag for participants.)

This webinar is brought to you by Marginal Revolution University via ICEE!

Follow the link below and click “Join Us” under “Indiana Council of Economic Education Webinar”