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Curriculum Project

KidsEcon Posters


Don’t you love when you have an answer every time a student says “When am I going to use this in real life?” For over sixty-seven years, the Indiana Council for Economic Education has been creating teaching resources that let teachers do just that for basic economics principles. Economics is part of our everyday lives. Regardless of how intimidating it can be, we think every student should be financially literate.

KidsEcon Posters© was created through a curriculum project at Purdue University as a resource for teachers to show even the simplest of economic principles to their students. The project started with 22 core posters with basic ideas, and since we’ve added posters and connections to literature and even a video series that bring alive economics and personal finance principles and give students a framework for decision making.  We want to give teachers across the nation every opportunity they deserve to help make finance and economics accessible to students of all ages.

Children’s Literature 

Stories that illustrate economic and financial decision making!

Includes lessons and activities.

Hundreds of titles that you already have in your classroom / school library!

How to Order

Your order will be processed through the Education Store at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. If you have any questions as you order, call 1-888-398-4636 and ask for the Education Store.

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    These orders are processed like Visa, MasterCard, or Discover orders until you reach the “Review Your Order” page. Click the Mail or Fax Order Form button at the very bottom of the page. Print the form and send it in along with your purchase order or check. (Include tax exempt certificate, if applicable.)