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Herschel's World of Economics

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Herschel is Back!

Herschel is a feisty little puppet dog. He thinks he knows a lot about economics, but as it turns out, he has a lot to learn. Thankfully, Dr. Day comes to the rescue. Dr. Day teaches Herschel all about basic economic concepts.

Watch and Learn with Herschel!

Herschel Learns to Give, Save, and Invest

Herschel learns how to give and save part of his income. He then decides to invest in his own doggie treat business.

Herschel Starts His Own Business

Herschel discovers that goods and services must first be produced. He also learns that consumers face many choices.

Herschel Faces Competition

Herschel faces competition from his friends Rover and Clover. He decides to increase the demand for his doggie treats by advertising.

Herschel Produces More

Herschel must increase productivity if he wants to compete successfully with Rover and Clover, who are also selling doggie treats. Herschel and his co-workers decide to specialize and invest in more capital resources.

Herschel Makes a Tough Decision

By specializing in production, Herschel realizes how interdependent he and his co-workers are. He also realizes that he is working too hard. Should he cut back? Should he trade off work hours for more time to play with his friends?