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Producers are people who make goods or provide services. In the production process, producers combine natural, human, and capital resources. Because these productive resources are limited, producers must choose which goods or services to produce. Most adults work as producers. In exchange for their work, people earn income, which is spent on goods, services, or taxes or is saved.

Teaching Tips


Identify producers of five different types of goods and five different types of services.

Draw and label pictures of three people who are working to produce a good or service. Label the drawing, “Responsible Citizens Work To Produce a Good or Service.”

Write a paragraph entitled, “What Good or Service I Want To Produce When I Grow Up.” Draw a picture to go with the paragraph.


Cut out pictures from a magazine or newspaper showing people working. Determine whether they are producing a good or service. Make a bulletin board entitled, “People Work To Produce Goods and Services.”

Draw a picture of a parent or relative working. Label each picture with “Producing a Good” or “Producing a Service.” Below each picture, explain whether or not the parent or relative received income for the work.

Give examples of work that people do for which they do not receive income (volunteer work, work at home, etc.).


Interview people who work to produce a good or service. Find out the number of hours they work each week, the training they received, and the good points and bad points about their jobs. Write several paragraphs summarizing the interview.


Write a poem or song about working.

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