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Arthur's Pet Business

Arthur really wants his own puppy. So he starts his own “Pet Business” to make a profit and to prove his responsibility to his parents.

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Arthur's Pet Business CoverAuthor: Marc Brown
Published: 1993
Reading Level: 2.4
Grade Level: PreK-3
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Little Brown

Comprehension Questions

Why did Arthur need a job?

To show responsibility to his parents, to get a puppy, to earn money to repay his sister, D.W.

List his choices of possible jobs.

Bank teller, car crusher

What did Arthur think of doing that he knew he would enjoy?

Starting a pet business to care for other people’s pets

What other advantage did running a Pet Business have for Arthur?

It gave him the opportunity to practice taking care of pets, increasing the likelihood that his parents would let him have a pet.

How did Arthur let people know about (i.e. increase the demand for) his business?

He advertised by putting up signs.

Identify Arthur’s personal costs in running a business.

His costs were mainly the costs of his time – his own human resources. He had to work long hours and had a lot of responsibility. This created a lot of stress and exhaustion in his life.

What risks were involved in Arthur’s business?

Dangerous pets, losing the pets, destroying his mother’s house.

Was Arthur’s business profitable?


What did Arthur earn?

He earned ten dollars and the privilege to have his own puppy.

How did he spend the money he earned from his business?

He paid back the seven dollars that he owed his sister.

Are businesses always successful?

No! Many businesses do not make profits at all. They actually lose money and eventually have to close down. There is always a risk when you start a business – you never know for sure if you will make a profit.