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Bearhide and Crow

In a humorous adventure, Sam and Amos learn how trading can help them get the things they want.

Interested in using this resource in your classroom? Check out the posters that go along with this book: Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Trade & Money.

Author: Paul Brett Johnson
Published: 2000
Grade Level: PreK-3
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Holiday House

Comprehension Questions

What did Amos Dryer trade to get the magical bearhide?

A fine-looking gourd.

Explain the value of each item to its new owner.

Amos wanted the bearhide because it would look pretty nailed to the smokehouse door. Sam wanted the gourd because he thought it should be worth something.

Who benefits when people make a voluntary trade?

Both people, since each gives up something he values less to gain something he values more.

Describe the second trade between Amos and Sam.

Amos traded his talking crow for half of Sam’s gold.

Why wasn’t Sam satisfied with the second trade?

He couldn’t understand what the crow was saying. That is, he really didn’t get what he thought he was getting!

What is the special word we use to describe trade without using money?


On the last trade between Amos and Sam, Amos received money. What did Sam receive and why did he want it?

The magical bearhide to help him understand the talking crow.

What goods did Amos purchase for his wife with his gold (money) that he received from trading the bearhide?

A whole lot of pretties and a shiny new aluminum water dipper.