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Farmer's Market

Laura lives on a farm and her family grows vegetables. They sell their produce at the farmer’s market in a town in the summer.

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Author: Paul Brett Johnson

Publisher: Orchard Books

Comprehension Questions

Describe the producers in the story.

The farmers who grew and sold the vegetables.

Identify the goods Laura’s family took to sell at the market.

Vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions, etc.

How were the goods produced?

Laura’s family grew them.

What were other goods sold at the market?

Answers may vary hand-painted gourds, paintings, flowers, balloons, ice cream, etc.

Describe how Laura’s family divided the labor to make the day more productive.

Laura – put out vegetables and kept the crates filled; Mama – minded the cash box;

Daddy and Mitch – hauled vegetables from the truck.

Describe the consumers in the story. i.e. Who will get the products?

The people who lived in the city and did not produce their own vegetables.

What form of exchange was used at the market?


Give an example of Laura being both a producer and a consumer.

Producer – selling vegetables; consumer – buying ice cream cone.