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Workshop Preview

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Why are Prescription Drugs so Expensive? And What Can We Do About it?

Date(s) of the workshop: July  6, 2020  
Time of the workshop: 12 noon, ET  
Location: Your Computer  
Contact: Katrina Babb  
Contact Phone:  
Registration Fee: No charge  
Workshop Description: High School Teachers:

Presenter: Katrina Babb, Assistant Director, Center for Economic Education and Instructor of Economics, Indiana State University

It's not just Epi Pens and Insulin...Prescription Drugs in the US are extremely expensive. In this session we will explore why by applying concepts taught in any high school economics course (elasticity, market structures, incentives, etc.). We will also brainstorm possible solutions to this medical and financial crisis.

There is no charge for High School Teachers to participate in the Health Economics Institute. All sessions will be held online daily from July 6 through July 17. See agenda for details at: Register for as many sessions as you like or all sessions!

Participants may earn 1 point for each session. High school teachers who teach or integrate economics into their classrooms will:

Review and reinforce an understanding of economic concepts identified in the Economics Standards. Share best teaching practices relating these concepts to current health economic micro, macro and public policy issues.

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