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Market Failures and Institutional Responses in Public Health

Date(s) of the workshop: July  10, 2020  
Time of the workshop: 1 PM, ET  
Location: Your Computer  
Contact: Katrina Babb  
Contact Phone:  
Registration Fee: No charge  
Workshop Description: High School Teachers:

Presenter: Chris McGrew, Ph.D. Indiana State University

Healthcare markets around the world seldom produce the optimal output for health care services. The market allows for the abuse of monopoly power or for others outside of the market transaction to benefit from an exchange in healthcare services. Secondary and AP teachers often focus on environmental examples for teaching the concepts around market failures and the institutional responses to those failures. Governmental and non-governmental institutions play an important role in helping the market produce an optimal output for public health services when the transaction costs are too high for individual participants to negotiate a price associated with the optimal output. The current healthcare crisis provides new examples teachers may use to illustrate important concepts in microeconomics. Using examples from local health departments to the World Health Organization, the presenter will demonstrate how secondary and AP teachers may use the current health crisis to teach these important concepts.

There is no charge for High School Teachers to participate in the Health Economics Institute. All sessions will be held online daily from July 6 through July 17. See agenda for details at: Register for as many sessions as you like or all sessions!

Participants may earn 1 point for each session. High school teachers who teach or integrate economics into their classrooms will:

Review and reinforce an understanding of economic concepts identified in the Economics Standards. Share best teaching practices relating these concepts to current health economic micro, macro and public policy issues.

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