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Workshop Preview

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Webinar: Income and Expense Statements

Date(s) of the workshop: October  9, 2018  
Time of the workshop: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (EST)  
Location: Your Computer  
Contact: Council for Economic Education, NY  
Contact Phone: 212-730-6728  
Registration Fee: No Charge!  
Workshop Description:

Attention: High School Teachers of Economics and Financial Literacy:

The Council for Economic Education, NY, is pleased to offer free professional development webinars for teachers nationwide. The webinars cover multiple topics on how to integrate personal finance and economics in the classroom and create a fun learning experience for your students.

Income and expense statements are a great way for students to learn and apply the skills involved in keeping a budget and calculating whether their expenses are more than their income (net loss) or less than their income (net gain). Part of creating an income and expense statement is knowing how to categorize expenses so when students need to evaluate where they can make changes to increase their net gain or decrease their net loss, they are able to see what categories need adjustment and how much of their income is going towards each category. Using a lesson from the Financial Fitness for Life publication along with a lesson from the University of Arizona Take Charge Personal Finance curriculum, students will learn about income and expense statements by participating in activities that simulate the process of creating one and the calculation involved in determining a net loss or a net gain.

Presenter: Andrea Caceres-Santamaria

When you attend the webinar(s), you will leave with relevant lessons, resources and tools that can be implemented the next day. If you are interested, but cannot attend the live webinar, please register to get access to the archived version. You must attend a live webinar or listen to a recorded webinar for at least 45 minutes in order to receive a certificate.
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