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Apple-nomics Collection

Check out these children’s literature books for elementary students.  They feature stories that combine apples and economics!

Annie is an apple farmer who works hard to gather apples and prepare delicious dishes. Once she has made cider, pies, muffins, and cakes, she ventures into the city to sell her products at a stand. After she has sold everything, she retires home for the evening. This is an excellent book for primary students.

Concepts: Producers, Market, Goods and Services.

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Making an apple pie is usually easy for the young baker except when the market is closed and no ingredients can be bought. The reader is taken on a journey around the world to find the finest ingredients to make a delicious apple pie.

Concepts: Productive Resources, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Interdependence, Specialization, Trade & Money.

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Learn all about apples and how they are grown – from seed to final product. The book describes many different types of apples and shows how they are turned into apple cider and apple pie. Many interesting “apple facts” are also provided.

Concepts: Human Resources, Producers, Productive Resources, Capital Resources.

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