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2022 World Food Prize Institute and Paper Resources

The World Food Prize Youth Institute at Purdue works with teachers to find future global hunger fighters and solution makers! Purdue has developed a special connection with the World Food Prize Foundation because of our three World Food Prize Laureates: Phil Nelson in 2007, Gebisa Ejeta in 2009, and Akin Adesina in 2017. For the Youth Institute, participants and their teachers have the opportunity to come to Purdue on May 6, 2022 FREE, aside from your transportation costs! Please note we have changed the format this year to one day.

 Information about the program:

  1. Indiana students in grades 9-12 complete a research paper on food security in a developing country with a mentor. Schools or 4-H Counties are each limited to have five students attend the Institute. The research paper requirements will meet many of Indiana’s education standards including the core literacy standard! Click here for paper instructions.
  2. The five students and mentors from each school or county come to Purdue May 6, 2022.  While on campus, students complete a 3 minute presentation about their research paper, meet international experts, hear from some of Purdue’s World Food Prize Laureates and learn how Boilers are fighting hunger.
  3. Based on their presentations and papers, the top students are chosen to serve on the Indiana Delegation to attend the WFP Global Youth Institute in Des Moines, Iowa in October 2022. Students must attend the entire Institute to be considered for this opportunity. 
  4.  Student papers and final registrations are due by Monday, April 4, 2022

More information can be found at the Purdue Youth Institute Website. If you have a large population of students writing the papers at your school and have 30 or more students seriously interested in participating at the Purdue Institute, please let us know so we can talk about ways to help select your five students.

If you want added to a WFP mailing list, where we will be sending reminders about deadlines and information about the upcoming program, please fill out this form.

Thanks much,

Kelly and Anna

Kelly Delp & Anna Williams
Co-Coordinators, World Food Prize Purdue Youth Institute | College of Agriculture |