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Saving, Investing and the Role of the Stock Market

Date(s) - 02/24/2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

In this personal finance webinar, we will discuss how institutions like the stock market help people achieve their goals.


Presenter: Mohammad Kaviani, Director IUPUI Center for Economic Education

In this webinar, we’ll look at what makes some a saver or an investor and consider why they save or invest?

We’ll explore trade-offs between risk and reward and explain why both savers and investors should remember that “there is no free lunch.” For example, investors who choose low risk may earn meager returns. Investors who seek higher returns through high-risk investments may suffer big losses. We’ll also review economic principles and review how financial markets determine the price of an asset and the rate of return.

There is no charge for  Teachers to participate.

  • Participants will earn 1 point for the session.
  • Indiana teachers will receive classroom lessons and a digital copy of the Financial Literacy Posters.

This webinar is presented by the IUPUI Center for Economic Education in partnership with the Indiana Council for Economic Education.

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