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Herschel's World of Economics

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Meet Herschel!

Herschel, with lots of help from Dr. Day, learns about basic economic concepts found in most state social studies standards. Your students will soon be using these concepts themselves! 

Watch and Learn with Herschel!

Goods and Services

Herschel learns that it takes work to produce the goods and services that satisfy economic wants.


Producers and Consumers

Herschel discovers that goods and services must first be produced. He also learns that consumers face many choices.

Productive Resources

Herschel learns about all the productive resources it takes to produce doggie treats. He even lets Dr. Day knows about his “secret” ingredient!


Herschel learns that he has a scarcity problem: he doesn’t have enough productive resources to produce all the doggie treats his friends want!

Trade and Money

Herschel has trouble trading his doggie treats and his “homework” rock for Dr. Day’s candy bar. What can Herschel do to get it?

Opportunity Cost

Herschel has a problem. He wants both of Dr. Day’s candy bars, but only has enough money for one of them!