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Apple Farmer Annie

Annie is an apple farmer who works hard to gather apples and prepare delicious dishes. Once she has made cider, pies, muffins, and cakes, she ventures into the city to sell her products at a stand. After she has sold everything, she retires home for the evening. This is an excellent book for primary students.
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Author: Monica Wellington
Published: 2001
Reading Level: PreK-2
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Dutton

Comprehension Questions

What did Annie produce on her farm?


Are apples an example of a good or a service? Why?

Apples are a good because they can be touched.

What other foods did Annie produce with the apples?

Apple cider, cake, muffins, applesauce, and pies.

Where did Annie take the products after she finished baking?

She went to the city.

Why did Annie take the apples and her baked goods to the city?

Annie took her products to the city to sell them to people so that she could make money. Many people live in the city so it is a good place to sell products.

What tasks (work) did Annie do as an apple producer?

She picks apples, bakes apples and other apple products, and sells the products.

In the city, Annie went to a market. What is a market?

A market is a place where many people go to buy and sell products.

What tools (capital resources) did Annie use to help her be a successful producer?

Annie used bushel baskets to collect the apples; a stove, pots, and spoons to bake the apples; and a truck to help her move the apples to town.