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Bea and Mr. Jones

Bea is very tired of kindergarten, and her father is very tired of his job in advertising. Bea trades jobs with her dad and the results are productive.

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Author: Amy Schwartz
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Bradbury Press

Comprehension Questions

Identify the trade-offs made by Bea and Mr. Jones.

Bea chooses to work at the advertising office instead of going to kindergarten. Mr. Jones chooses to go to kindergarten instead of working at his office.

Evaluate Bea’s trade-off. Compare the cost and benefits of each “job.”

Kindergarten consists of bean bag games, clothespin games, etc. These things are boring to Bea. Her dad’s job involves catching the 7:45 train, working hard at his desk, and laughing at the boss’s jokes. The benefits are the opportunities to be creative, promotions, business lunches, etc. Therefore, the advertising job is the best choice for Bea.

Evaluate Mr. Jones’ trade-off. Compare the cost and benefits of each “job.”

(reverse answer above)