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Benny McBride has five pennies to spend. What will he buy with his pennies? Benny spends his five pennies on gifts for his family and pets.

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Author: Pat Brisson
Illustrator: Bob Barner
Published: 1995
Reading Level: 2.0
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Comprehension Questions

What are three things that people typically do with the money they earn?

Save it, spend it, or give it away.

What did Benny decide to do with his money?

Spend his money. Bennie became a consumer. He decided to spend his money on his family and pets.

What is a consumer?

A person who buys goods and services.

How did Benny get his money? How do people typically get money to spend?

The story doesn’t say how Benny got his pennies. Typically, people work at jobs to earn money to spend. People work as producers to make either goods or services. Sometimes people get money as a gift. Maybe Benny got his pennies that way!

Did Benny purchase goods or services with his pennies?


What goods did he purchase and for whom did he purchase them?

He purchased a rose for his mother, a paper hat for his sister, a cookie for his brother, a fish for his cat, and a bone for his dog.

When Benny purchased the goods, who benefited from this?

The person who sold the good, Benny, and, of course, his family and pets who received the gifts Benny gave them! Remember – both parties benefit from a trade or exchange.