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Captain Abdul's Pirate School

Pickle enjoys writing poems and painting pictures, but his dad wants to help him toughen up to raise his standard of living. His dad invests in his education at the Pirate School.

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Author: Colin McNaughton

Published: 2004

Grade Level: 4th

Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5

Lexile Measure: AD460L

Publisher: Candlewick

Comprehension Questions

Identify the investment of Pickle’s dad.

Education at the Pirate School for his son.

Explain why Pickle’s dad invests in an education for his son.

To toughen him up for a better life as a pirate.

List all the areas of learning (benefits) he will receive from his education.

Foreign languages, history, sailing, sports, math, geography, poetry, sail making, carpentry, chemistry, dancing, singing, fighting, arts and crafts.

Identify two learning opportunities that will improve Pickle’s skills and increase his productivity as a pirate.

Learning about angles in math will help him aim a cannon. Learning about geography will help him read treasure maps.

Identify Pickle’s personal investment.

Patience and sacrifice in his classes.

How did the investment in education pay off?

A better life in the future as a captain of his own pirate ship.