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Crispin the Pig Who Had it All

Crispin is the pig who has it all. He seems to have many wants. This year, Santa has left Crispin a mysterious box that promises to be the “very best thing in the whole wide world.”

Interested in using this resource in your classroom? Check out the posters that go along with this book: Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Scarcity.

Author: Ted Dewan
Illustrator: Ted Dewan
Published: 2002
Reading Level: 2.5
Grade Level: PreK – 2
Publisher: Dragonfly

Comprehension Questions

List all the different toys that Crispin received as Christmas presents to help satisfy his economic wants.

Zybox Teddy-Bot, SpeedPony ShockJockey, Giga-PigStation.

Explain why Crispin got bored with his toys.

He had too many to play with, and he didn’t take care of them.

Describe how Crispin felt when he woke up one Christmas morning and saw the enormous box?

Answers may vary: happy, excited.

Why did he feel that way?

A note on the box stated that in the box, Crispin would find the only thing he did not have.

What problem did Crispin have when he opened the box?

There was nothing in the box.

List the ways Crispin solved his “problems”?

He and his friends used the box to play – Space Base, Store, Pirates, Castle.

When Crispin’s father gave him money, did he take it and spend it immediately on more economic wants?

No, he didn’t want to go out and buy anything because his friends were coming over to play in the box.

Why was Crispin upset about his mother getting rid of all the junk?

It wasn’t junk to him. The items satisfied his economic wants.

How was Crispin’s problem solved at the end of the story?

His wants were satisfied when he saw all his friends in the new box the delivery man had left behind.