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Dreams Can Come True

The Financial Fairy Tales are a series of stories to encourage young readers to learn about business basics and managing money. In Dreams Come True, Tom, the humble woodcutter’s son, has big dreams. With the help of his wise uncle, he puts those dreams into action, earning enough money through hard work and business acumen to win the Duke’s beautiful daughter’s hand in marriage.

Interested in using this resource in your classroom? Check out the posters that go along with this book: Capital Resources, Human Resources, Entrepreneur, Goods and Services, Production, Income, Profit

Author: Daniel Britton
Published: 2010
Grade Level: 1-5
Publisher: Author House

Comprehension Questions

What good did Tom produce as he worked for his father?

He produced toys – animals, toy soldiers, flutes, and whistles.

In this work, did Tom produce a good or service?


What are capital resources? Give examples.

Tools, equipment, machines, buildings that are used to produce other goods and services. Examples are hammers, lawnmowers, factory buildings, computers, bulldozers, and many, many others.

What capital resources did Tom use to produce his toys?

Work bench, workshop, carving tools (picture on p.13).

What was Tom’s new job? What did Tom use to produce his toys?

He took care of the Duke’s horses and stables. He did and brushed the horses and cleaned out their stalls.

In his new job, did Tom produce a good or service?


What did Tom do with the income (money) he earned at his new job and by selling toys that he produced at night?

He gave his mother some of the money and saved the rest in his piggy bank.

How did Tom earn the five bags of gold he needed to marry the Duke’s daughter?

He started a business. He hired more workers (human resources) so he could produce and sell many more toys.

What do we call a person like Tom who takes the risk to start a business?


Did Tom’s business make a profit?

Yes, it was a successful business that was very profitable. He earned the income (bags of gold) he needed to win the hand of the Duke’s daughter.

Why do think Tom was successful in making his dreams come true?

Possible answers: He worked hard, was honest, was resourceful in starting his own business, hired good workers and worked with them as a team, produced goods (toys) that customers wanted to buy, listened to advice from his uncle, and had some good fortune.